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Phone #  Department 
Karl  Almgren  Assistant Planner  425-263-8045  Planning & Community Development   
Lila  Barnhart  Senior Department Assistant  425.263.8150  Fire   
Jennifer  Berner  Recreation & Cultural Services Director  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Willie  Berns  Building Official  425.263.8076  Planning & Community Development   
Jeff  Bohnet  Civil Service Commissioner     
Christina  Boughman  City Clerk  425.263.8005  Executive   
Rex  Caldwell  Police Chief  425.263.8100  Police   
Rex  Caldwell  Interim City Administrator  425.263.8001  Executive   
Stephanie  Cangie  Office Technician  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Kristen  Costello  Recreation Assistant  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Dale  Dahl  Office Technician  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Colt  Davis  Crime Prevention Officer  425.263.8100  Police   
Shanita  Duke  Community Service Officer  425.263.8100  Police   
Debbie  Engnes  Accounting Technician - Accounts Payable  425.263.8034  Finance   
Julie  Good  Human Resources Manager  425.263.8003  Executive   
Shawna  Gossett  Permit Services Supervisor  425.263.8060  Planning & Community Development   
Carl  Grimes  Accounting Manager  425.263.8031  Finance   
Joyce  Hill  Staff Accountant  425.263.8032  Finance   
Rick  Hill  Engineering Technician  425.263.8083  Public Works   
Terry  Larsen  Customer Service Clerk  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Margo  Lawler  Permit Services Assistant  425.263.8061  Planning & Community Development   
Marko  Liias  Policy Analyst  425.263.8007  Executive   
Wanda  Locke  Accounting Technician - Payroll  425.263.8033  Finance   
Patricia  Love  Community Development Director  425.263.8041  Planning & Community Development   
Jesse  Luhrs  IT Technician  425.263.8027  Finance   
Charles  Macklin  Police Commander  425.263.8100  Police   
Anita  Marrero  Associate Planner  425.263.8044  Planning & Community Development   
Rob  McGaughey  Public Works Director  425.263.8080  Public Works   
Brian  McMahan  Assistant Fire Chief  425.263.8152  Fire   
Jacob  Milner  GIS/CAD Technician  425.263.8048  Planning & Community Development   
Scott  Morgan  Finance Director  425.263.8030  Finance   
Janet  Mulvanny  Office Technician  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Bryce  Newman  Customer Service Clerk  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Kim  Overton  Customer Service Clerk  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Nancy  Passovoy  Executive Assistant  425.263.8018  Executive   
Glen  Pickus  Planning Manager  425.263.8042  Planning & Community Development   
Linda  Ritter  Associate Planner  425.263.8043  Planning & Community Development   
Carmen  Roberts  Accounting Technician - Business Licensing  425.263.8035  Finance   
Jan  Shudick  Permit Services Assistant  425.263.8062  Planning & Community Development   
Seth  Sollenberger  Customer Service Clerk  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Faye  Stevenson  Office Technician  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Sarah  Stich  Maintenance Technician  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Challis  Stringer  Surface Water Technician  425-263-8082  Public Works   
Andrea  Swisstack  Assistant City Engineer  425-263-8081  Public Works   
Cindy  Thomas  Office Supervisor  425.263.8100  Police   
Mary  Thomas  IT Systems Administrator  426.263.8037  Finance   
Nicole  Thomsen  Planning Commissioner     
Kevin  Witte  Recreation Coordinator  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Ellen  Wood  Department Assistant  425.263.8006  Executive   

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