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Phone #  Department 
Jennifer   Gregerson  Mayor  425.263.8018  Executive   
Jennifer  Adams  Surface Water Technician  425-263-8083  Public Works   
Christopher  Alexander  Fire Chief  425-263-8151  Fire   
Karl  Almgren  Assistant Planner  425-263-8045  Planning & Community Development   
Jennifer  Berner  Recreation & Cultural Services Director  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Willie  Berns  Building Official  425.263.8076  Planning & Community Development   
Kristen  Costello  Recreation Assistant  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Dale  Dahl  Office Technician  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Colt  Davis  Crime Prevention Officer  425.263.8100  Police   
Andrea  Dowell  Accounting Manager  425-263-8031  Finance   
Shanita  Duke  Community Service Officer  425.263.8100  Police   
Glenda  Duran  Acting Office Supervisor  425.263.8100  Police   
Leif  Ellsworth  Recreation Coordinator  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Debbie  Engnes  Accounting Technician - Accounts Payable  425.263.8034  Finance   
Max  Gabbert  Customer Service Clerk  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Julie  Good  Human Resources Manager  425.263.8003  Executive   
Shawna  Gossett  Permit Services Supervisor  425.263.8060  Planning & Community Development   
Rick  Hill  Public Works Superintendent  425.263.8171  Public Works   
Cheol  Kang  Interim Police Commander  425.263.8100  Police   
Janet  Keefe  City Clerk  425.263.8005  Executive   
Terry  Larsen  Customer Service Clerk  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Margo  Lawler  Senior Department Assistant  425.263.8170  Public Works   
Marko  Liias  Policy Analyst  425.263.8007  Executive   
Wanda  Locke  Accounting Technician - Payroll  425.263.8033  Finance   
Patricia  Love  Community Development Director  425.263.8041  Planning & Community Development   
Jesse  Luhrs  IT Technician  425.263.8027  Finance   
Charles  Macklin  Police Chief  425.263.8100  Police   
Anita  Marrero  Associate Planner  425.263.8044  Planning & Community Development   
Carleen  Matson  Customer Service Clerk  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Rob  McGaughey  Public Works Director  425.263.8080  Public Works   
Brian  McMahan  Assistant Fire Chief  425.263.8152  Fire   
Jacob  Milner  GIS/CAD Technician  425.263.8048  Planning & Community Development   
Janet  Mulvanny  Office Technician  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Bryce  Newman  Customer Service Clerk  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Kim  Overton  Customer Service Clerk  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Nancy  Passovoy  Executive Assistant  425.263.8018  Executive   
Christopher  Phillips  Management Services Director  425.263.8001  Executive   
Glen  Pickus  Planning Manager  425.263.8042  Planning & Community Development   
Linda  Ritter  Associate Planner  425.263.8043  Planning & Community Development   
Carmen  Roberts  Accounting Technician - Business Licensing  425.263.8035  Finance   
Lila  Robinson  Senior Department Assistant  425.263.8150  Fire   
Jan  Shudick  Permit Services Assistant  425.263.8062  Planning & Community Development   
Renée  Sinclair  Interim Finance Director    Finance   
Faye  Stevenson  Office Technician  425.263.8180  Recreation & Cultural Services   
Challis  Stringer  Senior Engineering Technician  425-263-8082  Public Works   
Nicoleta  Strugariu  Staff Accountant    Finance   
Andrea  Swisstack  Assistant City Engineer  425-263-8081  Public Works   
Mary  Thomas  IT Systems Administrator  426.263.8037  Finance   
Doug  Volesky  Finance Director  425.263.8030  Finance   
Ellen  Wood  Department Assistant  425.263.8006  Executive   

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